KIRUV CAFE - The Meeting Place for Project Inspire

A resource for inspiration, support, training and ideas for everyone doing kiruv

Where concerned observant Jews can trade ideas and techniques to be more effective in sharing the beauty of Yiddishkeit.


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Kiruv Training & Resource Websites

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A Letter From Rabbi Chaim Sampson, Director, Project Inspire

Dear Project Inspire Partner,

Thanks for joining us at KIRUV CAFE. KIRUV CAFE is the newest tool in your Project Inspire kiruv kit enabling you to easily communicate and share information with people you are working with. In addition, you can reach out for assistance to others quickly and efficiently be they in your neighborhood or across the country.

Be sure to read the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) by clicking on the two articles in the FAQ box in the left column of this home page. These will bring you up to speed quickly.

Some of the benefits of using KIRUV CAFE are: You can easily set up a private group for people on your committee, join a group of people with similar kiruv interests, read a blog to get ideas and expertise, stay on top of the latest PI news, start your own blog to share your ideas, plans and activities, or just meet others who share your commitment and motivation to reaching out to acheinu kol beis Yisroel.

Got a question? Not sure how to proceed? Someone on Kiruv Cafe will be able to help. Either approach someone directly, post your question to the public ANSWER box for anybody to answer or join a relevant group and ask for their input.

KIRUV CAFE is also the place to share your thoughts, successes and strategies so we can all learn to become more effective at kiruv.

The more we all put into KIRUV CAFE, the more we will all benefit from our collective expertise, shared enthusiasm and vital chizuk.

Looking forward to greeting you here at the KIRUV CAFE!

Rabbi Chaim Sampson

Blog Posts

Shul Planning Guide—Part 17—Why Is the Beginners Service So Effective?

In Rabbi Buchwald's own words:

"What’s the effectiveness of the Beginners Service? Why is the Beginner Service so effective that we had literal statistics at Lincoln Square

Synagogue that if a person goes eight times in a row—that’s all you need, two

months—if people go eight times in a row, two out of three of them will become…


Posted by Rabbi Aharon Ungar on November 2, 2010 at 10:00am

Shul Planning Guide—Part 16—Organize Like a Business; Save Like Hatzalah

More inspiration from Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald:

“We have to conduct ourselves like a business, to be organized, efficient and focused on reaching our market. But we

must always remember that outreach is not about business, it's about neshamos,

souls. The Gemara in Sanhedrin 37a

teaches us…


Posted by Rabbi Aharon Ungar on October 31, 2010 at 10:30am

Shul Planning Guide—Part 14—More On Media

To pick up where we left off in our last post, Rabbi Buchwald continues:

“How can one impact a large number of people to change their stereotypical attitude towards Orthodoxy? We had tremendous siyata

. Natalie Gittleson wrote an

article, which ended up appearing in the Sunday Times…


Posted by Rabbi Aharon Ungar on October 28, 2010 at 10:30am



Is this site DEFUNCT?

No discussions since 2011; no new materials; status please.Continue

Started by Sue Bernstein Jun 9, 2013.

Omnipotent versus Benevelolent

Is this basically the question of "why do bad things happen to good people?" One of our NCSY teens came up with three possibilities to resolve the "impossible contradiction above." A) G-d does not…Continue

Started by Benjamin Eli Gonsher Sep 12, 2011.

Looking for High Holiday Advice 2 Replies

In an effort to reach out to fellow Jew in my community I have decided to put together a one hour or less Rosh Hashana prayer service. The service will consist of piyutim, words from the Rabbi, and…Continue

Started by Ruthie Israeli-Cohen. Last reply by Gershon Fern Aug 13, 2010.


Putting Out the Fire: Your Unique Role In Bringing Jews Closer to Torah, possibly the best introductory guide to Kiruv on the market today, is now available for purchase at huge discounts!

Click here to see the Table of Contents, read sample chapters and haskamos...and to buy!!


The Top Ten Benefits of Doing Kiruv (Source: "Putting Out the Fire," by Aharon Ungar)

1) Working with somebody who is learning from the beginning causes you to examine your own performance of mitzvos.
2) Kiruv reignites your connection with Hashem.
3) Kiruv enhances your appreciation for the Torah community.
4) By bringing Hashem's lost children home to Him, you earn Divine gratitude.
5) Kiruv builds a constant, ongoing source of merit for Olam Haba.
6) Kiruv causes you to focus on spiritual issues you may never have contemplated.
7) You will have an opportunity to relearn many things you have forgotten.
8) You will have the incomparable feeling and spiritual benefit of saving someone's life.
9) Kiruv fulfills four halachic imperatives.
10) You can attain all these benefits within the context of your present life and schedule.



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